Wood Beams in Greatroom at Modern Farmhouse Glam


Can you even believe that these faux wood beams in our greatroom are made of foam? They are so realistic looking and you’d never know that they aren’t made of wood.

These wood beams add balance and dimension to our great room. They give it that custom look, plus add character and drama. I do however feel they make the room look a bit smaller and darker. What do you think?  Here’s the Before and After Video!

Do you dream of having wood beams one day in your family room or livingroom also? I’ve been wanting these for three years since we moved in.

Head to my Instagram story highlight called Wood Beams for VIDEOS of the wood beams before they were installed and some of the installation process.

Each of these beams weighs less than 5 pounds. The base is styrofoam and then they texture the beam to your liking. Next they do a custom stain. They matched my flooring perfectly.

It was very interesting watching the installation process. They used strings tacked up on the ceilings to get the proper spacing.

We spaced the beams around the existing lighting.  It ended up being approximately 82 inches between beams and 30 inches from the wall on either side.

The beams we went with were 10 inches wide and 7 inches deep. Each beam is 267 inches long.

Long screws, some sort of wood glue or adhesive was used and some touch up stain. It seemed to be a very easy install and not messy at all.

I wanted to provide some similar options for you that I found online that are top rated. I have no experience with these ones linked, but the reviews are good. Let me know if anyone tries them! The similar options that I found are linked here.

faux wood beams


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wood beams fall home decor

The beams warm up the space in the Conversation Area! I love how the warm wood tone looks with my Fall decor. Click on the picture to shop the look.

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