Sport Court in Backyard at Modern Farmhouse Glam


We are loving our new backyard sportcourt!

This was the perfect use of our backyard behind the RV garage, to have a sport court for the whole family to enjoy basketball and pickleball! Is a sport court on your wish list?

Quick video of the REVEAL of the new sport court, including the “before” space.

Video of the steps involved in the construction of the sport court, and before and after on my Instagram story highlight called Sport Court

Another angle of the new sport court.  It’s located behind our double RV garage.  It flows nicely being next to the volleyball net.


These are the samples I had to choose from for the acrylic court tiles.  I chose a dark and light grey.  The light grey is not show here and it has a bit of a shimmer to it.

Here’s what the actual plastic court squares look like. The game court surface is designed to have shock absorption to make it easier on your knees and joints.  It’s also a long lasting material and durable. It provides a surface for  consistent ball bounce and natural water drainage.

We are very happy with the company who did our Sport Court.  Quality work and crew.  Mike, the owner was a great communicator and very organized.
He’s even done backyard courts like ours for some of the Phoenix Suns basketball players!
Please let Mike know that I referred you to get the best pricing (Amy Long at Modern Farmhouse Glam).
Mike Fox Cell/Text 602-478-8800

Here’s the guys removing the paver border that was in this area temporarily.  Originally we were going to put travertine down here for a future barbecue area.  We changed our mind and thought this would be the perfect area for a spot court since it’s behind the RV garage and right next to our volleyball net.  The future BBQ outdoor kitchen area will likely be on the other side of the house, closer to the patio and kitchen.

View of the artificial turf being lifted up, to make room for the court space.  Wow look at those gigantic nails!

These nails are no joke! This is what keeps the artificial turf in place.


The grader came and smoothed out all the dirt area.

They put a line underneath the future court for electrical for the giant light that will be in the corner. Nighttime hoops here we come!

Measuring for the cement pad

Here’s where the future light pole will go.

This is the hole for the pole that will hold the pickleball net.  It can also be used for badminton and volleyball, however we already have a volleyball court!;)

Cement guys are here! This was an incredible process and these guys were awesome.  Hard workers and did a fantastic job!

See my Instagram stories saved to my highlight called Sport Court for all the videos of this process.


And we have a cement pad! Glad we are going with the tiles.  We considered just a cement pad, but the tiles look SO much more polished. And it will hold up better over time.

The cement pad is almost dry!

Here’s the sport court with the tiles down! Our son is putting up the pickleball net.  It is removable, along with that pole.

There is still some landscape finishing work to do around the outside, with completing the turf and pavers.

Sport court at sunset in our backyard.  Here’s a look at the light in the corner.  It is fantastic!  Nice and bright and the look of it is modern and sleek.  It was done also by Mike, part of the sport court package that we did.

The sport court turned out even better that I expected.  Super happy with the quality of work.  Our family has had lots of fun already, playing pickleball and shooting hoops together.  And our kids and their friends are loving this new hangout space!

XO-Amy, Modern Farmhouse Glam

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