​Entertaining tips from Modern Farmhouse Glam, Tips for an EASY & FUN Dinner Party!


Entertaining tips from Modern Farmhouse Glam:


How to make dinner parties easy and fun!

PREP ahead of time. Set the table, put out your serving dishes, serving utensils, water bottles, etc. Do any food prep that you can the day before or morning of, so that you don’t get overwhelmed. My Cheesy Hashbrown Party Potatoes can be prepared the day before and cooked the day of…that’s one reason why they are perfect for a dinner party! (recipe below) Make sure your guest bathroom is cleaned and stocked the day before.

Pick a themed COCKTAIL! Have a special drink already prepared and ready to go for when your guests come through the door. It sets the tone for a fun night and makes your guests feel welcomed right away. My go-to is either our Christmas Tinis (which can also be called a Cosmo when it’s not the holidays) and our Caramel Apple Tinis! Lemon Drops are also a hit.(recipes below)

Have MUSIC going before your guests get there. I have many playlists saved that I’ve created with different types of music, all ready to go. Country music one, pop one, party one, Christmas one, etc…depends on your crowd and the mood. I update my playlists regularly so that I know they are ready to go with all good songs, when I need them.

(My bluetooth speaker is linked HERE)

Lighting, candles, and AMBIENCE! I love using battery operated candles on timers in my lanterns around the house. They come on as soon as the sun is setting and create a nice mood. Light a few fresh smelling candles before your guests arrive, but nothing too strong. Fresh flowers on the kitchen island are also a pretty touch!

We have found that having three families over is a nice NUMBER for conversation. Not too big that you feel like you can’t visit with everyone. Have a comfy spot for conversation, either around a round dining room table or comfy chairs in a circle, like in our Conversation Area! Place a few snacks on the coffee table in your sitting area ahead of time, like something salty and something sweet. Think chocolate covered almonds and a pretzel bar type snack mix.

Limit APPETIZERS to only one good one or two at most. It’s not necessary when you’re having a large dinner coming shortly and is also a wasted effort. Plus you don’t want everyone to fill up too much on chips and dips when the good stuff is coming. Shrimp cocktail is a good one, a spinach artichoke dip, or cheese tray. Set up some nuts or snack items on the counter as well, small things to nosh on.

The MAIN COURSE should be something that can be made in the oven, so that it is done ahead of time, before your guests arrive. Then you can be giving your attention to your guests, other then tending to something on the stove or outside on the grill. We love doing the Santa Maria Tri-Tip, which is cooked in the oven for 40 minutes. It can rest and then be sliced up ahead of time and covered until it is time to eat.  Make a few side dishes HOMEMADE and take a shortcut on things like a big salad and dessert. Costco has fantastic large premade salads and amazing desserts. We also love the Jalapeño dip!

Meatballs are a great BACK-UP filler, in case your guests don’t like the main course. Plus most kids love meatballs! Throw a big bag of the Costco Italian Meatballs and some marinara sauce into a crockpot a few hours ahead of time and you are good to go! Grab a bag of dinner rolls, too. Bread is something anyone can fill up on if need be and you can also make a meatball or steak sandwich as an option.

Setting out the food BUFFET STYLE is usually easiest, unless it’s a more intimate party with one other family. Everyone can serve themselves and you can prep it ahead of time easier.

Don’t get up from the table and CLEAN up right away. It’s hard to let the mess sit around, but just clear everyone’s dishes to the countertop and leave them until after your guests leave. Put food away, but don’t get caught up in cleaning up. Relax and have fun!


Glam Girl’s Caramel Appletinis

1 ounce vanilla or caramel flavored vodka

1 ounce sour apple schnapps (DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker)

1 ounce butterscotch schnapps (DeKuyper Buttershots)

2-3 ounces of Trader Joe’s spiced apple cider {this is the secret ingredient}!

  • Add ingredients to an ice-filled shaker. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass.
  • Garnish with a chocolate covered caramel and a slice of fresh apple.

Glam Girl’s Dip Mixes and Cheeseballs are perfect for entertaining! Click here to buy!

I hope this was helpful! Have a fun and stress-free Dinner Party!

XO-Glam Girl/Amy

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