My favorite makeup products!


Here are all my FAVORITE makeup products!

I’ve been obsessed with makeup since I was a young teen, anyone else? I have to say that MAC makeup has remained my overall fave over the years.  The lipsticks, glosses and especially eye shadow just can’t be beat.  I haven’t found another brand of eyeshadow that stays on as long as Mac. I’ve also included a few other brands of makeup that are my faves.

Fave Mac Eyeshadows:

Colors: Mulch, Brule, Naked Lunch, Malt, Orb, Satin Taupe, Sketch, Embark, All That Glitters, Honey Lust, Girlie

I usually go with three looks for eyeshadow, browns, pinks or purples.  My eye color is hazel so these seem to work the best for me.  Purples really bring out the green tone in my eyes.  Pinks are nice for spring and summer, nice and light and fresh!

TIP: buy the Mac refill eyeshadows which are half the price of the ones that come in individual containers. Purchase a pallete to drop the eyeshadows in and you’ll have it forever.  Click on the pictures to shop.

Fave Mac Lipsticks:

My fave variety is the SATIN Lipstick.  I don’t like matte lipsticks because they dry out my lips way too much.  Plus I like a good shine and not dull.

Colors: Faux is a great everyday going to the gym kinda lipstick.  Just enough color, but nothing too crazy. Click on the picture to shop.

For Fall I love the Mac lipstick called Spirit with a gloss over top called Love Nectar. Click on the lipstick pictures below to shop.

Also for Fall, I love the Mac lipstick called Spill the Tea.  It has a hint of orange and brightens up your face. I usually put Spice lipgloss over this one as well.  I wore it with my orange dress at the Better Homes & Gardens StyleMaker event.

For Winter lipsticks, I like the following: Amorous (deep pink) and Red (great at Christmastime)

The Mac color Snob is a dull pink and is nice with a brighter pink gloss on top for Spring.  Click on any of the lipstick pics to shop it.

This gives a nice shine to any lipstick:

My Fave Lip Moisturizer:

I use this like chapstick and not like a lip mask as it’s advertised.  I do put it on before bed also tho.  It feels so nice on your lips, you’ll love it! Click on the pic to shop.

Fave Eye Concealer:

My go-to concealer is the following Mac one.  I only put it in the corner of my eye where it tends to have a dark hue.  This stuff covers great and a little goes a long way.  I wouldn’t put it all under my eyes though, way too heavy. I wear the shade NW15. Click on the pic to shop.  


My go-to everyday powder: I wear the shade NW20. Click on the pic to shop.  


My current favorite face foundation is by Lancome. It’s a good medium coverage and gives a fresh glow. I wear the color shade 240.  Click on the pic to shop. :

My Favorite Daily Facial Moisturizers and Sunscreen Lotion:

Click on the picture to shop them.

The Best Mascara:

Still can’t find a better mascara than this one that I’ve been using for years! Loreal mascara in black. I also use the primer first. Click on the pic to shop.

My Eyebrow Pencil:

I love this one and I use the medium brown. Click on the picture to shop it.

My Black Eyeliner:

Click on the pic to shop.

Lipstick Holder:

This is a great lipstick holder that I found on Amazon to hold my million lipsticks.  I really could use like 5 more of these, but I keep this one on my vanity to hold the lipsticks I’m currently using the most.

Click on the picture to shop.

Favorite hair products on Amazon HERE



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