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Here are clickable links to ALL of the RUGS IN MY HOME at Modern Farmhouse Glam, including bedroom rugs, family room rugs, kitchen rug, Barrel Room rug, gameroom rug and more.

Buying a new rug is the easiest way to freshen up a room! I look for affordable rugs because with kids and pets, there are always accidents, right?

Thanks so much for using my links.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra and helps to support my page.  I really appreciate it! I hope you find some ideas for rugs in your home!

Our Bedroom Rug 1

Our plush white and grey patterned rug is and 8×10 with a King size bed.  Many sizes available.


Our Dining Room Area Rug-perfect neutral, affordable area rug! Comes in many sizes and other color variations. Click on the pic to purchase! Ours shown is a 9×12.dining room rug

Our Barrel Room Rug #1– fun modern white and black pattern. Our rug shown is an 8×10. Click on the pic to shop.


New Family Room Rug! Click on the pic to purchase this soft, plush, cozy rug. It is slightly off white with black diamonds.  Perfect neutral vibe to create a cozy living room.  Ours pictured is a 10×14 and it also comes in many other sizes.

Similar rug in the family room.  It’s a true white and nice and bright! Very soft.  Mine is a 10×14.  Tap on the picture or HERE for my RUG LINK:

New family room rug, will have to update with a better pic of the rug itself.  Ours is a 10×14

This white and black striped rug below is Machine Washable and you can use my discount code MODERNFARMHOUSEGLAM10 for 10% off this rug and your order sitewide! I have the thicker pad underneath and it makes a big difference.  I have a 9×12.

black and white striped rug

Rug 1 in our Game Room! Click on pic for link.

rug in game room

2nd Option for our Game Room Rug. Click on the picture or tap HERE for Gameroom Rug 2

gameroom rug 2

Our Bedroom Rug #2

Our bed is a King and rug is an 8×10. Other sizes available.

bedroom rug 2

Our Bedroom Rug #3 pictured below.  This rug is so soft and plush and I love the pattern of grey and whites.

Click on the pic for the link

Modern Farmhouse Glam style

Our Barrel Room Rug #2 Leopard Spots. Ours is a 9×12. Many sizes available. Click on picture to shop this rug.

Our Family Room Rug #1 Silver Shag

Click on picture to shop. Many sizes and other colors available.  Ours is a 10×14.

Silver Shag

Our Family Room Rug #2 The White Shag. It is SO SOFT! Click on the pic to shop. Ours is a 10×14.  Other sizes and colors available.

White Shag Rug

Our Outdoor Courtyard Rug 1, outdoor rug.  This is an 8×10. Click on the pic to buy.

Courtyard Outdoor Rug Link

Our Outdoor Patio Black & White Striped Rug. Click on pic to shop this rug. We have two of these, to separate the two areas of the patio.  Both are 8×10.  Other sizes available

Outdoor Black and White Striped Rug

Our Machine Washable Rugs in the Laundry Room.  Use my LINK and coupon code MODERNFARMHOUSEGLAM10 for 10% off sitewide! Shown is a runner and two doormats.

Our Conversation Area Neutral Area Rug. Ours is a 12×12 square.  Many sizes available! Click on the picture to buy.

Conversation Area Rug Link

Our Family Room Rug #3. Click on the picture for the link to purchase this rug.

Our Office Rug-Fun White and Black Rug! It is a true white and not cream or off/white. Our is a size 7×9, comes in many sizes.  ! Click on the pic for this rug.

Office Rug

Our Machine-washable Gameroom Rug, this is an 8×10, comes in many sizes and other styles and patterns that are all machine washable. Click on the picture to buy this rug. USE CODE MODERNFARMHOUSEGLAM10 FOR 10% OFF SITEWIDE

Our front door outdoor rug, distressed black and white striped, shown in 5×7. Comes in other colors and sizes.Click on the pic to purchase.

New outdoor courtyard rugs, including an 8×10 under the Adirondack chairs and a 5×7 in the entryway near the front door. Click on the picture for links to my rugs, black planters, front door mat, and more.

Outdoor courtyard rugs at Modern Farmhouse Glam, with links

More neutral area rugs that I’m loving:




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