Tips & Tricks for Decorating Your Christmas Tree, including Ribbon Tutorial!


Here’s some tips on how to put ribbon into your Christmas tree! Ribbon helps fill in any bare spots and makes your tree look complete!

  • Use wire ribbon, 2.5 inches wide
  • Cut ribbon into 20 inch strips and a few 10 inch strips for the top.
  • Twirl and tuck
  • Twirl each strip of ribbon just once and then tuck each end into a bare spot in the tree
  • So easy! It doesn’t have to be perfect.;)

Check out my video to watch how I put the ribbon into my Christmas tree!

Option for red wire ribbon:

Option for furry ribbon: (Do not twirl this ribbon since it is one-sided. Just blanket it in the tree)

The key is to start with a HIGH quality Christmas tree and this is my favorite brand of flocked tree! It is the least messy I have ever had and there is hardly any flocking that falls off.  Mine is the 7.5 King Flock pre-lit and I will link it here, just click.

There are also many other sizes and styles. I also have the matching collection King Flock 4 piece set in my entryway. It includes (all pre-lit and battery/timer option) flocked garland, two flocked trees, and a flocked wreath. Here is the link for this set:

Another tip I have to make your tree look more complete is to wrap up fake gifts and put them underneath the tree!  Then you can store them in a large garbage bag and reuse them each year!

Link to $5 bag of glittery snow here, just click.  This can be used to fill in gaps in between your Christmas tree and the collar or skirt and I also use it as a table runner! I have some pencil trees in my family room, and I draped a bag of this snow all around the bases of those trees, too. Grab a few bags, there are so many uses and it makes for an easy, inexpensive fix!

Here’s what it looks like $5 snow looks like as a table runner and I will also link my FAVE flocked trees in basketsHeres another version, click here. The ones on these links are extremely similar, but not exact. The basket is a little different and the color/flocking of the branches can vary.

Here are some additional links(click here) to exact or similar ornaments and garland that I have on my tree:

General tips for decorating your pre-lit Christmas tree:

  • I like to start at the bottom and work my way up
  • Start with the garland.  I like to use several different types to add some contrast
  • Add ornaments and try to place them so that they hang from the branches rather than sit on the branches. Start with the biggest ones first and place further in.  Medium, small and special ones further out front.
  • Fill in bare spots with several types of picks and snow balls, linked here. Snowballs are a great filler and can also be placed in a tin bucket underneath your tree or in any decor set-up.
  • Add ribbon as shown in my video above
  • Select a tree collar or skirt. Ideas linked here. You can also use a throw blanket and drape it around the base of the tree!

Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to perfect! I like to have a “pretty” tree that I decorate and then we always get a live tree that we chop down up North as a family.  All of our kid, family, and special ornaments go on our live family tree and I let the kids decorate it however they like! Sometimes the quirky, non-perfect trees are the BEST!

XO-Glam Girl

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